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Are you sick and tired of dragging your laptop to work and back every day? Do you wish you could carry your PC in your pocket? Are you longing for a stable and lean Windows installation that is virus proof? Are you missing your applications and your desktop when you work on somebody else's computer? Have you shared your system with others that have 'messed' it up?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions MyPocketXP is the solution for you. MyPocketXP is your personal installation of Microsoft Windows XP on your keychain. MyPocketXP runs all your applications such as Microsoft Office™, Apple iTunes®, Web browsers or VPN clients on any PC that is running Windows™. Beyond allowing for unmatched portability MyPocketXP's unique patent pending architecture also ensures that your system installation stays 'clean' at all times.

Make any PC your PC with MyPocketXP.

More Information
MyPocketXP - The portable Windows XP® installation for your pocket
Plug In Boot Run in Full Screen
1 - Plug In 2 - Boot 3 - Run In Full Screen Mode
For Professionals
Travel light - Carry your desktop in your pocket - Commute without a laptop.
For Students
Run your computer lab applications anywhere.
For Families
Share your computer and let each family member have their own applications and settings.

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MyPocketXP Video
Watch a video on how to use MyPocketXP

MyPocketXP on Windows7
MyPocketXP V1.1 now supporting Windows 7 hosts

Shipping International
MyPocketXP now shipping international without additional shipping charge

Chris Pirillo's thoughts on MyPocketXP

Productivity Now!
MyPocketXP is now available with the pre-installed, open-source productivity Suite OpenOffice.org